//Your Guide to Teeth Whitening

Your Guide to Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Before and After - Harley St SmileOne of the most sought-after procedures we offer at Harley St Smile, whose team has experience in dentistry spanning over 25 years, is teeth whitening, which is so popular purely because of how much it can improve how your teeth look!

Thanks to our brand new cosmetic equipment – the Stain Blaster – it has never been easier to enhance your smile to leave your teeth gleaming and stain free!

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening involves lightening your teeth through bleaching and stain and discoloration removal, which usually improves on your starting colour by several shades.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening treatments should only be performed by a dentist or an alternative dental professional, for example a dental hygienist.

Beauty salons have been known to offer teeth whitening procedures, but unless there is a dental professional in attendance, not only may you be putting oral health in danger, it is breaking the law.

Home DIY kits for whitening your teeth are also available but these can also be a risky option to take. But teeth whitening is perfectly safe when done by a qualified dental professional.

The best thing to do is to consult with a specialist dental surgery like Harley St Smile or your regular dentist.  Once knowledge of your dental history and general oral health has been established it will be decided if tooth whitening is suitable for you.

A course of action will then be taken to formulate your treatment options which will then develop a treatment plan to give the desired sparkling white result!

What Happens During Teeth Whitening?

To begin with your dentist will take an imprint mould of your teeth in order to make a mouth guard which will fit perfectly around your teeth and then they will provide you with a bleaching gel.

Most people will then wear their mouth guard at home, usually overnight while they sleep, with the gel applied into the inside of the guard.

The use of some teeth whitening gels can take a number of weeks to achieve a visible effect but here at the Harley St Smile our teeth whitening gel treatments take just one week to get the maximum result.

More on The Stain Blaster

As we are now proudly in the possession of the Stain Blaster, the latest advancement in dental technology, all at Harley St Smile are extremely excited about our new equipment which has the incredible capability to literally blast away the stains on your teeth.

Certain foods and drinks can seriously discolour and stain teeth so if you love nothing more than a takeaway curry or if you find it hard to function without a coffee in the morning, the stains those common culprits leave behind can be shifted in seconds!

Normally whitening treatments are fighting through pre-existing stains first before they begin to bleach your teeth so unfortunately the results can be comprised.

So if you are considering a general tooth whitening treatment to enhance your smile then starting off by having a session with The Stain Blaster will drastically improve your whitening results from the very start.

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